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For those of you looking to get into the rat rod scene here are a few solid suggestions that will help you not overspend while still finding the perfect project or already build car or truck to purchase. The first mistake many make when looking to buy a rat car or truck is actually searching for specific keywords or hot niche names. What you should be doing is locating the make, model and year of the car or truck you are looking into FIRST without having the hot rod or classic car in your search at all.

A simple example of how this will help you understand why NOT including the actual term rat rod and other "hot niche" keywords while searching is as follows. Someone selling a rust bucket odds are knows that within the rat scene itself they can sell it for a markup because it is exactly what a person looking for a car in that scene would want BUT if you search for an exact model and year you can locate a rust bucket that is sitting on someone's property who is not in the rodder scene but simply wants it off his or her property and at many times for pennies on the dollar.

You can even come across plenty of people who have rat rods or what we would consider a barn find just sitting around for years and would GIVE you the rat car or rat truck just to get it off their property. What you need to do now especially now that you know the best way to save a ton is to locate the make and model that you are wanting to buy and see what pops up whether in an online auction, online forum or local. Instead of the scene markup you can get the same vehicle for much less.

To someone in the rat rod scene a rust bucket is a goldmine but to someone outside the scene it is an eyesore and something they would like to unload on someone else. That is what I like to call a win win for everyone in the deal. You can then use all of that saved money towards all the rat parts you want to further make your custom rat vehicle more of your own style.

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